Thursday, September 4, 2008

The secret How To Get 360 Waves

Find out how to get 360 waves.To build muscle or lose weight you need to exercise very regularly. You train yourself doing a variety of exercise & eating the right kind of food. This same regime applies when you want to find out how to get 360 waves. The hair diet will be the different hair products you use in your hair. And the exercise will be the different methods & techniques you use to train your hair to form 360 waves. I always say getting 360 waves is both an art & a science. Once you understand the formula of getting 360 waves, you will be able to speed up the time you use to get 360 waves. In this article we will be looking at the various ways to train your hair to get 360 waves.


The essential hair products to get 360 waves, are moisturizer & a good brush. I recommended you get hollywood beauty carrot creme, which will help to moisture your hair properly & train it to be wavy. Next you need a couple of brushes to brush your hair flat. I recommend diane or annie 100% boar bristle brushes depending on your hair texture. For soft hair texture, use a soft brush, for medium textured hair use a medium brush & for course hair use a hard brush. You will eventually need all these brushes in your 360 wave process down the line, so you better get all of these brushes. What you need to do once you get these brushes is brush with the grain-Ref to the brushing chart in The 360 Waves Blueprint

Let me introduce to you a secret method which will drastically get you 360 waves. Introducing the cyclone method, because once you start using this method your waves will start spinning like a cyclone. 1st product to get for the 'The cyclone method' is called PARNEVU Organic Hair Mayonnaise, this enriched with olive oil, egg protein & organic herbs to promote healthy hair & scalp. Its an excellent moisturizer. Next You will need African Kemi Shea butter pomade, very wonderful natural product.

Step 1- brush hair in the shower, apply Parnevu organic hair Moyannaise brush your hair for 5mins with the grain.
Step 2 Leave on the hair moyannaise in your hair for 10 mins(put on a shower cap) then wash your hair.
Step 3 Dry hair & Apply Holloywood carrot creme & brush for another 5 minutes
Step 4 Apply shea butter pomade all over your hair & brush for another 5 minutes
Step 5 Put on your Durag for the rest of the day.
Step 6 Remove Durag & moisturize with carrot creme & brush hair as you seem fit
Step 7 Repeat the process the next day.

We are only able to cover only just a bite size of information about getting 360 waves. Getting 360 waves involves using a variety of methods to help improve your 360 waves progress. We have laid the building blocks of getting 360 waves, now just do it! Get the right guidance & instructions, from the right experts.


To your 360 waves success


numma1stunna said...

those methods are good. What is carrot cream? Were do you buy it. I seen on this website called were they just use regular wave pomade. That method worked for me as well.

R.J said...

There is also a site called that has some good info

Files said...

ya niggas think niggas is gonna by ya book... getting waves is mad easy... my shits is spinning... all ya niggas just go to everything is free there and you'll get more information in there... and you will get "live" answers in there too f u c k this website they just want ya money... ain't no secrets to getting waves

Daniel Akpa said...
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Daniel Akpa said...
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